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Ed Bersey is the founder and director of Sylvafield. Originally from the south west of England, Ed obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering with Computing, and went on to run a successful software development business for the next 20 years, culminating in the sale of that business in 2014.  Ed is now enjoying a second career in his life long passion of music production.  Always a musician, Ed now brings commercial and technical experience to developing Sylvafield which is now enjoying 5 star reviews from national press for its signed artists. 

Ed Bersey, Sylvafield Recording Studio

Ed is also a classically trained singer and a drummer, these days he regularly performs with local groups as well as writing, arranging and producing on a wide variety of projects.  In music production, listening and perspective is everything. Ed has become a trusted critical listener and his management experience has been an essential part of keeping every session on track.

Ed Bersey, Sylvafield Recording Studio
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