Mixing, Sylvafield Recording Studio

Cost of Mixing Service

Songs made up of 1-24 multi-tracks, and under 10 mins total duration: £ 120 inc VAT

(Fixed price per song)   

Songs over 10 mins duration and/or made up of over 24 multi-tracks:  £ Call

 We will mix your multi-track recording, blending and balancing the sound as well as using production techniques and editing to create a professional studio mix ready for mastering. Simply select the type of mix you need below and checkout.  You will then receive an email with instructions on how to upload your files, and we'll do the rest.


Tuning and Timing Correction

We also offer vocal tuning using iZotopes Pitch Editor as well as timing corrections using Pro Tools Elastic Audio. These are fantastic tools and can achieve a great deal but there will always be a limit to what is possible.