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Mastering, Sylvafield Recording Studio

We'll take your studio mix and your brief and apply our ears, our experience and the latest in mastering technology.  We believe in retaining as much dynamic range as possible and we favour a return to sensitive mastering rather than competing for loudness.   We'll endeavour to make your mix the very best it can be.  Once you've checked out you will recieve an email on how to upload your files.


Tips on how to supply your mixes

  • leave ideally -6dB of head room in your mix

  • remove any final limiting over crushed loud mixes leave no room for manoeuvre

  • Supply files in the original recorded format, no need to down sample, or reduce bit rate.  The mastering engineer will do this as the final step.


Stem Mastering

Stem mastering is where stem tracks are supplied to give the engineer more control.  Stem tracks are groups of similar tracks combined e.g. strings, percussion etc. and are usually the product of a mixer's bussed tracks groups.


Note: Stem mastering is limited to max. 8 stems.


‘I was impressed with the quick turnaround and high level of professionalism. Ed’s unparalleled ability to objectively listen, critique and master is a rarity. Sylvafield’s competitive rates, impressive facilities and excellent customer service won me over and I will definitely be returning.’

 Tania Woodcock, Wixen Publishing

Cost of Mastering Service

Each song:  £ 40 inc VAT

(Fixed price per song)   

Songs over 10 mins duration:  £ Call

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